Here at Sundance Ranch, we accept horses for livery under a variety of circumstances: for a short period or for the rest of the horse’s life; to grow up with other youngsters or to retire; just to live with us or for specific training goals. Some of the conditions of your horse’s stay will depend on these circumstances, but a few things are always the same:

Included in the monthly cost of livery is:

  • Access to hay or grass 24/7
  • One daily feeding of hard feed, a home-made mix of cereals and alfalfa with a custom-made mix of minerals, which is based on a lab analysis of the hay and grass the horses eat at a given time of year.
  • Hoof trimming every eight weeks.
  • Bi-annual worm count by our vet in the spring and fall.

What is not included in the fee, but required of you as the owner to pay for:

  • Deworming once a year in January plus in the spring and fall, if worm count too high.
  • Vaccinations.
  • Dental treatment at least once a year, more if needed.
  • Osteopathic treatment, if needed.
  • Any other veterinary treatments, as needed.

Please fill out the following form, if you would like to send your horse to Sundance Ranch for livery.





    If your horse comes to us for training, we generally recommend the horse to be seen by our osteopath when we begin training. Often physical and psychological issues go hand in hand and it is best to address both at the same time.

    Furthermore, it is necessary to bring equipment to be used in training, such as bridle, saddle, hoofboots etc.