About Us

We are dedicated to teaching week-long riding courses, in order to promote horse-friendly riding, good horsemanship and a natural way of keeping and handling horses based on trust and harmony.

Our philosophy is based on the principles of Natural Horsemanship, with a special emphasis on Freedom Based Training®, inspired by Elsa Sinclair. When the horse is free to decide if it wants to be with us or not, we really have to try hard to fulfill the need for connection in us and the horse.

In our week-long courses we teach beginners and experienced riders. Courses include lessons in Western Riding, but also natural horsemanship groundwork, as well as relaxing trail rides at a walk into the surrounding nature. Our guests experience the courses as a life-changing event, which touches emotions about the horse and oneself in a lasting way:

“As if I was blind and now I can see.” Claudia, December 2017

Our Philosophy

Our Team

Our Horses

Our Ranch

The ranch consists of pastures in the valley and forest on the hillside. The river Mira flows through the pastures and ends 20 kilometers away in the Atlantic. Twice a day the river rises and falls as much as a meter or two with the tide. Since we often cross the river on our trail rides, this sometimes gives us the opportunity for adventure, with the horses almost having to swim across.


We ride through our own forest on shady trails through a mixture of cork oak, eucalyptus, pine and medronho trees (the so-called strawberry tree, which carries fruit used for making strong brandy.) During the day, we encounter flocks of partridge, at night, when we ride under the full moon, sometimes from afar wild boar or foxes.


Guests stay in our ranchhouse and take part in our everyday activities, spending all day learning with us and our horses. We prepare our breakfast and dinner ourselves, whereas lunch is served by our staff.