Our Horses

Our horses live in as natural an environment as possible. They are always outside, mostly on the pasture, always with forage available and they live in groups.


DC Grace Like Rain was born in April 2013. She inherited her height and elegance from her mother Franny and also her sensitivity. What Gracie likes best is to be scratched above her tail, so don’t worry if she suddenly turns her backside to you! For us, she's still a youngster and we are slowly preparing her for riding.


Hope is our last foal, born in May 2015. A carbon copy of her mother Franny, she is playful and cute, but we can also already see the wonderful horse she will grow up to be. She loves people, Freedom Based Training® and going for walks outside.


DC Glos Legend is an orphan. His mother Glo died giving birth to him and we had to raise him by hand. Fortunately it all worked out and he is big and strong and as gorgeous as his mom and full brother Sundance.


Born in the late 1990s, Nepal is one of our oldies and was adopted by us after finishing his career as a school horse in Sandra's old riding school. He's still up for a walk and our most reliable horse, especially suited for making a fearful rider safe.


Ramses is an Oldenburg warmblood gelding from 2005, who has training in dressage and jumping, but now really enjoys his second career as a Western school horse. He is quite large and very sweet, with an enormous will to please and a tremendous canter.


Born in 2006 in Spain, Oregon is a pure-bred American Quarter Horse with a very varied past. He was abused and used, neglected and loved. Through it all, he kept his steady, lovable character.


Born in 1997 in Portugal, Real is one of our best teachers. He knows exactly how an aid should be given and nothing makes him lose his cool. A rider who accepts his superior knowledge and listens to him will have a great teacher.


Mr Tae Flaming, a 1998 born Quarter Horse gelding, has the rare colour „red roan“ which led to his nickname Ronnie. Since he arrived in 2013, he is the unquestioned boss of the bachelors. His solid Western training is an experience to try out in the arena.


Sonny is a quarter horse, who was born in Germany over twenty years ago. Although he spent most of his life being the kindest, safest trail horse ever, he really remembers his early training. Ask him for a rollback or to open the gate and feel his excitement rise!


Serpa is a young Lusitano mare, who was started carefully and lovingly without a bit by her owner. She is on loan to us and is still getting used to living in the country. Separation from her group makes her a little nervous, but she is a super ride.


DC Spring of Georgia, born on the first day of spring in 2011, is as solid a character as her mother Georgie was, always eager to work and lots of fun to train. She is a typical foundation Quarter Horse.


DC Sundance King, born in June 2011, is as cool as a cucumber. Born with defects in his knees, he is not ridden, but enjoys a life of leisure and Freedom Based Training®, as the head of his herd of young mares.


Half Lusitano, half French Warmblood, Vento has had an impressive jumping and dressage career before joining our herd in 2016. Always willing and eager to please, he is however not easy to ride technically. But once understood, he is an amazing teacher.


Quarter horse mare Zip was trained to compete in the Western discipline ``Pleasure`` and we're still trying to show her that longer and faster strides are actually possibly. She is a real sweetheart and a joy to be around.


Not quite a horse, this is our young mule Buddy. We believe he is going to become a fantastic addition to our herd with time!

Horse Play

“When horses live in a natural environment and a herd community, you can often observe them being playful.

Our horses live in groups, which are constituted as close to natural conditions as possible. Either they are in what you would call breeding groups in the wild – one male and a few females – or in bachelor groups, where the remaining males band together. Of course all of our males are gelded.”