Our Horses

Our horses live in as natural an environment as possible. They are always outside, mostly on the pasture, always with forage available and they live in groups.

Buddy - 2013 Mule

Buddy is our mule and he is quite a character! He has incredibly smooth paces and enjoys dressage and trail riding. Strong yet sensitive, playful and wickedly intelligent, Buddy keeps us on our toes and life is never dull with him around.

Camelot 2007 - Cruzado

Camelot is playful, clever and a real jack of all trades; groundwork, arena and trails are all within his capabilities, plus he has some dressage training for the more experienced riders to try.

Charlie - 2010 Lusitano X Selle Français

Amiable, laid back Charlie is popular with humans and horses alike. Friendly and strong with comfortable gaits, he is an all rounder who will happily take on any task with any rider.

Elegante - 2009 Lusitano

Charismatic Elegante is a classy gentleman with smooth yet elevated paces. His previous career was in dressage but at the ranch, he found his true calling as a deluxe trail horse! Elegante will impress experienced riders as he takes the lead and shows everyone how it's done.

Grace - 2013 Quarter

While many horses take to ridden life easily, a few simply aren't cut out for it and Grace is one of them. However, a non ridden horse can still have a fulfilling life and a role to play. Grace knows her way around a roundpen and obstacle course, making her an ideal teacher for our groundwork lessons.

Hope - 2015 Quarter

Happy go lucky Hope is a sweetheart. Friends with the whole world, the whole world is friends with Hope and she is cheerful and optimistic. She is forward and responsive to ride and her favourite activity is jumping, but her forgiving character means she is also happy to give beginners lessons.

Legend - 2013 Quarter

Appropriately named, Legend has a huge fan club! Orphaned as a foal, he has grown up to be the fastest and most versatile horse at the ranch. Dressage, jumping, trail riding, swimming, mounted games- you name it, he does it. Opinionated and exuberant, he is not a beginner's ride but experienced riders will delight at his Joie de Vivre.

Milhão - 2016 Cruzado

Milhão came to the ranch in summer 2022 with minimal handling. Despite this, his calm and matter of fact demeanour meant that he took to ridden life quickly and has amassed numerous fans already! He is learning on the job and is a particularly competent on the trail.

Oriole - 2015 LusoArab

The Chris Hemsworth of horses, Oriole is by far our most beautiful equine! Not just a pretty face, he is forward going yet sensible and always tries his best. As he is still young, he is sensitive and can be nervous with new situations but gains confidence once he has the idea.

Ramses - 2005 Oldenburg

Our biggest horse Ramses is around 170cm and has a big heart to match! With a hunting background, he has taken well to his steadier life as a western school horse and has big but smooth gaits. He enjoys trail riding and obstacle courses and is just a nice character to be around.

Real - 1998 Cruzado

Our oldest school horse, Real is getting on a bit but still going strong! Happy to show beginners the ropes, Real is kind and confidence giving with a laid back disposition. However, he doesn't need asking twice to rev the engine and enjoy the occasional blast or pop over a few jumps.

Serena - 2009 Lusitano

Although shy and sensitive, Serena has a growing fan club! She is bold on the trail, professional in the arena and has very smooth gaits. She loves water, helping educate our young horses by ponying them and going on adventures.

Spring - 2011 Quarter

Spring is our shortest mare- don't let her small stature fool you though, as she is our lead mare and holds her own! Tough and confident, Spring knows a few reining moves and will pop a small jump but definitely prefers life in the slow lane. Leave the details to her, sit back and enjoy the scenery!

Stan - 2015 Cruzado

Stan was subject to cruel training techniques at the very beginning of his ridden life. A sweetheart on the ground, his trauma surrounding being ridden remained and so we decided that he would join Grace as a groundwork only teacher. Kind and engaging, few guests leave without having fallen for Stans charms.

Titus - 2015 Cruzado

Easy going yet enthusiastic, Titus is a big favourite on the ranch. He will go steady for a beginner but will willingly take it up a notch for an experienced rider. He takes everything in his stride and has a very comfortable canter. He likes dressage, swimming, jumping, trail riding- everything really!